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After following instructions on the package, the macaroni was tan in color. Their idea of 'al dente' would break a jaw!

Will not purchase again. Hopefully, another manufacturer will come up with ready pasta that actually tastes good. I don't like the taste of 'cardboard. Barilla pasta is a very good product, but the Ready Pasta needs real improvement.

Was very excited when I discovered what I thought was a good time saver. I was so disappointed that this product did not meet my standards for good tasting pasta.

Barilla's other pasta products which require normal cooking, are fine and we use them in our household. This one is a product fail.

Review about: Barilla Ready Pasta Pasta.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: just improve your product!.

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The color is the same as their wheat pasta or whole grain. I am not sure which it goes by.

So that's the reason for the color and I cook it for 62 seconds on high ( 1200 watt micro) and it is perfect.

The only "con" to me is it has a slightly oily taste. But I suppose that's because most Italians cook it with oil in the water so it doesn't stick.Other than that, I find it convenient, filling and versatile.


I thought I would give this a try. I agree it’s color is not appetizing and it didn’t taste all that good.

And after a couple hours, let just say it didn’t stay down.

I have been miserable all night now. I will never buy again.


I am not dissapointed in the quality of the pasta, much rather the fact that there was a 4 inch long piece of clear tape in my pasta, after I had already eaten half my bowl..


Barilla pasta is the only kind I buy but this ready pasta is horrible. Tastes like something from a can, Chef Boyardee maybe?


I don't know what people expect from a 1-minute meal but for the price and easy of preparation I think it passed the test


This was the worst instant pasta ever!! I almost lost my meal but thank goodness, I found pasta in my cupboard!

Send me my money for this horrible product!


I agree with the review. Terrible tasting pasta.

There used to be another brand of pasta that cooked in three minutes and it was wonderful.

It has nothing to do with the time to cook. It has to do with the product


Completely disagree. It's about as good as I would expect 60 second pasta to taste like, are you delusional?

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