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Not once but twice now in 1 year months apart we have had boxes with tiny black bugs with wings in our pasta. Delaying dinner due to having everything else ready and just waiting to cook the pasta only to find bugs floating in the water.

We have never had issues with any other pastas. Won't buy barilla ever again! Very disappointed since we never had issues in the past with the company but all of a sudden this year we end up with bugs and to see that we are not the only ones.

I even contacted barilla the 1st time it happened and never got an email or phone call back. So sad.

Review about: Barilla Linguine Pasta.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Same here I put in two different complaints and just decided I will not buy Barilla anymore. they're trying to push it off and say it is the grocery store we are buying it at( that they must be improperly storing).

The first time was worse than the second though. The first time it must have had about 25 in one box. So I opened box number two and sure enough they did as well... they sent me Replacements I repurchased a month later and that time there was only a few.

But just like other peopl, I've never had a problem with, only with Barilla. They said it's because of the cardboard and suggested only buying pasta that comes in plastic bags if you want to avoid it.


It happens. The problem may lie with your grocer, sometimes.

Or the warehouse it sits in for months on end or the shipping container it was delivered in. That pasta sits in boxes, next to boxes, delivered in boxes. Cardboard boxes draw bugs easier because they can hide within the folds. It could also have been bugs from another brand transferred to your brand on the grocers shelf or from your own pantry.

Once you bring bugs home from the store, they’ll be in your pantry until you clean it out. Yes, it wastes some things but not all and it’s quite a natural occurrence.

Bugs do live among us and sometimes invade things we like, there’s only one solution, throw your stuff away and renew your pantry with fresh items, hopefully none infested again. It’s not completely barillas fault, I would’ve brought the cooked pasta back to the store and got my money back, they’ll do it.


They are using old flour to make the pasta, or it is sitting on the shelves to long. I have had those little bugs in my flour when it has been on the shelf to long, also found them in corn meal as well. The company needs to get rid of the old flour they are using.


The same exact thing happened to us with this Barilla pasta it was the linguine as well these are some type of little black beetle and it infested our entire Pantry we had to throw out over $500 worth of food did Beatles spread through all of it and destroyed everything in our cabinets we finally clean it all up and stop by and pasta from this company whatever you do people be very careful and don't buy this pasta it comes up little black beetles that will ruin all of your food is disgusting disgusting disgusting I thought this was an isolated incident but it looks like it's happening to other people to oh my God that's crazy

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